Considering the purchase of a recent or new model Triton Patriot.
I currently own a '96 Stratos.

My boat has a "pad hull" and gas tanks behind the seats.
At somewhere around 45 mph or so, the nose of the boat rises as the boat rocks back on the pad.
That feels like a shove in the back as the boat can now accelerate to its max speed of around 70.
I love it.

My question is this:
I see that recent models of Tritons have a single gas tank located under the floor in the center of the boat.
(my boat has port and starboard tanks)
Looking at pictures, I cant see if the new Triton hulls have a pad anymore.
Are new Tritons "pad" boats and do they "rock up" like my old Stratos??

Hope they do. Don't want a Ranger ride.