My wife and I took the kayaks out on Sunday and launched from Grelle Park. We worked the shoreline following the creek channel focusing on the walls and deeper water. We worked jigs (½ oz black/blue M-Pack), Z-Man ChatterBait Pro (black/blue) and Texas rigged Berkley 4” Creature Hawgs (Black Blue Fleck) for about two hours and caught 3 LMB – all around 1lb. About 45 minutes before sundown we switched to Yumbrella Flash Mob Juniors with willow blades. We baited these out with ¼ oz. jig heads and Zoom Super Fluke Jr.’s in Baitfish, White Ice and Baby Bass colors. We started slow rolling these parallel to the ledges. This netted us 6 hybrids (all around 3 lbs.) and 7 LMB (all small). Off the lake just after sunset.

Mark 1:17 - "and I will make you fishers of men"
Texas A&M Class of 81