Included with the trolling motor is the handheld remote and wireless foot control. Asking $1100; I paid $1800. I purchased the Motor Guide Xi5 (80lb trust/45" shaft) from Bass Pro a little over a year ago. My Xi5 has held me at anchor in a wide variety of current for hours on end, at or above 50% power, cut through some the thick grass beds, and has even motored my boat +\-1 mile back to the dock/ramp one time under its own power as the outboard cranking battery didn't have enough juice to turn it over. Yet my Xi5 continues to run as smoothly and quietly as when I purchased it. I have not encountered any issues with my Xi5 acquiring or losing a GPS signal. The Xi5 in conjunction with my Lowrance HDS Gen III, has an Auto-Pilot feature that I have not used. With steering, it did take me a bit to get used to the wireless foot pedal. There is at times a little lag, but that typically occurred when I was not constantly on the pedal. There are times that I do prefer controlling the motor using the handheld remote to the foot pedal. The foot pedal springs are on the firm side, causing one to overrun the desired heading. Overall, I cannot fault the Xi5 in anyway. Its’ user friendliness makes this motor very easy to operate via the foot pedal or handheld remote. I do have the user booklet and shortcut guide. Not only is the Xi5 a durable, powerful, and smart trolling motor, it also runs smoothly and quietly when it really counts. One piece of advice is that lifting the motor up is not easy. If you have back issues this might not be for you. However there are some after-market options that u tubers have posted to help with that.

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