The Storm Hit Hard But Didn't Last Long- Still Stirred-Up The Bottom!

Spydro is an underwater camera that can be attached to your baited leader. Be sure to frequent known areas that the bottom topography can't snag your unit. On this day the water condition was very murky due to storms almost daily for a month. It's still a nice surprise when i can see how fish react to different baits. On this day there were a lot of baitfish "nehu" in large schools so i really wasn't expecting much.

I want to try some reefy areas but i know i'll have to bring my mask & fins if i decide to do that. I've already pulled myself down my line to free the unit caught in abandoned fishing line roughly 40ft down in a shark infested channel w/no mask, fins or snorkel. Now i bring a set w/me at all times. I'm beginning to understand that the bait must be presented in a certain way. Long & streamlined rather then cubed or blocked.

This day i was using a dual hook leader. One bait was cut long & wavy while the other wasn't. None of the blocked/cubed baits were touched, only the baits that "flowed" in the current. I got many hits (note the bell kept going off) but the fish were too small for the 4/0 hooks i was using. Also this time of year the "rats" are out in numbers. A good sign for next year. (The Green Head Moray Eel was released).

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