Nice Strike In Stormy Conditions! Even A Lightning Strike!

It was actually storming for awhile. Winds & the rain was moving horizontal at times. I had to put my back-up action camera in a plastic bag & rubber banded it closed. I was using the 12ft Nesika Surf Casting Rod by Okuma w/a Blue Azores 6K Spinning Reel. I was blinded for awhile because i think lightning struck the water.

I was targeting O'io "Bonefish" with a double tandem rig using cut large Ika "Squid". After i threw out the 1st rig it took a good strong strike while i was working on the 2nd rig. I think the electrical surge in the air disrupted my action cam, it was separating my videos and duplicating others after that strike. My UW Spydro Camera won't recharge correctly & the images are slightly hazy. It's basically dead to me now. My land action back-up cam is charging-up but will have to try recording after i wake up, not feeling "normal".

Not sure what the fish was but it covered a large area in a short time. I couldn't even slow it down. It immediately started for deeper water before spitting the hook. It was extremely fast & powerful. Well, there's always a next time.

(I think i'm having some issues from that lightning strike. Both of my cams are having problems).

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