This Spooler Can Handle Micro-XL Surf Casting Reels!

For any serious angler, having a fishing line spooler isn't a big ticket item that you think it is. If you can afford buying a decent action camera, like the current GoPro to video you're fishing trips, this Big Water Fishon Fishing Line Spooler is for you. This model retails at $250 by Sportsman Innovations. The current GoPro retails at $380 so do the math. Top bait casters & spinners go for more, much more.

I've already did a spooling video using this line spooler. Today I stripped near empty monofilament line spools to create empty reels to transfer line to. I would like to thank Marcus at P.O.P. (Pacific Ocean Producers) & local fishing legend Jeff Konn for the spools. Having your own spooler has endless benefits. Most tackle shops won't spool line on your reels unless you buy that reel and/or line from them. Understandable as it's their time & equipment being used.

I contacted Brandon Rodgers at Sportsman Innovations who supplied me with their newest & largest unit The Big Water Fishon Fishing Line spooler. This unit can spool spinners up to 12K. But i recently spooled my Okuma Cedros 14K Spinner. And the supplied adapter can easily handle a larger diameter spool.

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