The LFA holds special tournaments on 5th Thursdays throughout the year in addition to our every Thursday points and MLF formats. On Oct 31 we held a championship.

Did they pick the coldest day of the year on purpose? Did the trick or treators plan the coldest day? Who knows but it sure was cold and with the high winds even colder. So you'd think that the bass all went deep. Not so according to the winners who all had to tell what baits they used to make their catch count. The bass are still on the banks for the most part and feeding. Unfortuneatly there was only one big fish caught (in 3').

This was a no entry fee tournament with money being paid from our treasury to the winners. We paid out 4 places for both the boaters and co-angler plus lunkers for both groups.
Only the best 5 fish counted. Slots and all fish were papered and released on the spot.

Boaters Results

1st place went to Don Overstreet of Sulphur Springs with 5 bass for 11.17 LB with the boater lunker of 8.23 LB caught on a bladed jig in green pumpkin. He didn't say what trailer he had on it.
2nd place went to Tim Gold of Mineola with 6 bass for 8.72 LB with a 2.31 lunker caught on a 4" swimbait.
3rd place went to Scott Shrader of Mineola with 5 bass for 7.63 LB with a 2.72 LB lunker caught on a trick worm..
4th place went to Dennis Bubinas of Lake Fork with 4 bass for 6.33 LB with a 2.25 LB lunker caught on a drop shot.
5th place went to Tom Charlebois of Winona with 1 bass for 3.09 LB. caught on a jig.

Co-Angler Results

1st place went to Alf Tuggle of Trophy Club with 2 bass for 2.28 LB with a 1.21 (tie) lunker caught on a T-rigged finesse worm.
2nd place went to Tom Whitrock of Lake Fork with 2 bass for 2.21 LB with a 1.14 LB lunker caught on a rib worm.
3rd place went to Butch Grove of Sulphur Springs with 2 bass for 1.73 LB with a 1.21 (tie) lunker caught on a wacky worm.
4th place went to Steve McWilliams of Alba with 1 bass for 1.00 LB caught on a black worm.
5th place went to Bob Lambert of Lake Fork with 1 bass for 0.48 LB.

45 bass over 10" were caught.

The Lake Fork Anglers fishes every Thursday year round except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you would like to come and join us to fish at Lake Fork (Texas state bass record and slot lake).
We are currently looking for co-anglers but before you know it boaters will be wanted also. We are very liberal with our seniors members who need to take time off for vacations and medical issues.
Currently we are at 50+ and usually have 30+ fish. E-mail me at, call at 903-440 2797 or pm me on here for more info.

For most of the last 2 months I have been recouperating from a medical issue. Hopefully now the reports will continue.

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