I will be running a fall/winter special on my full day trips starting November 18th - Feb 1st . If you are looking to get out for some fall/winter fishing, I would love the opportunity to put y'all on some fish. I will also be running a few trips on Lake Welsh this winter if you are interested.

Full Day 1-2 Anglers $350

I am heading out this week for the Costa FLW Championship event on Lake Cumberland. (October 31 - November 2).I will post the link below for people who want to watch the live weigh-in. I will be back to work on Lake Fork November 4th. The best way to reach me this week is to text or call and I will respond as soon as I get off the water.


I will post my latest report( it should still be holding up) for those of you looking to get out this week. As soon as I get back I will update this report if we have any changes - I'll also post a few pictures below.

Thanks, Eric Wright 972 757 7947 - EMAIL ericwrightprofisherman@yahoo.com


The water level on Lake Fork is currently 401.22 and the surface temperature where I have been fishing is anywhere from 69 to 75 degrees. T

Typical fall pattern with a lot of fish moving up in the backs of creeks. Healthy amount of bait moving in and the fish are right behind. Size of the fish have not been what I would like to see, but the numbers are solid and we're catching some great unders.

SHALLOW 1 - 6 foot

The 3 main baits I am using to catch the fish chasing bait up shallow have been. ( about 3/4 the way back in the creeks)

Top Water - smallest you can get away with (Shad Colors)
Square Bill - smallest you can get away with (Shad Colors)
Rattle Trap - smallest you can get away with (Shad Colors)

The fish seem to be schooling better on the sunny & windy days. On the overcast days, I am throwing a small drop shot.

Drop Shot Havoc 4" Finesse Worm ( Green Pumpkin) (Junebug) #1 rigging hook with a 1/8 oz weight set at 12"

Texas Rig 7" Power Worm 1/4 oz weight 3/0 hook (Green Pumpkin) (Plum)

Wacky Worm (Green Pumpkin) ( Plum) (Junebug) I am rigging this with a 2/0 hook.

DEEP 15- 20 foot

I am only finding these deep fish on a few of my spots (Roadbeds & Pond Dams) I am spending most of my time up shallow.

Carolina Rig - 7" Power Worm (Green Pumpkin) 5' leader - 3/0 hook - 3/8 oz to 1 oz depending on the wind.

Drop Shot (Junebug) (Green Pumpkin) 1/4 oz or 5/16 oz weight- 15" leader -

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