I appreciate all of the business from the TFF. So I want to thank you guys for blessing me.

Today through the end of the week, ANY TFF MEMBER to spend $30 or more at my NEW website receives THREE free baits, Chatter Bait & Jig...combinations.
THAT's a $22.00 Value for FREE!
Jigs are not listed yet but you have seen them listed here......and they work, just ask Branden Dillard.

Anything over $50 Ships for free as well.

Email me from the Web Site at my Gmail account with your TFF name and Name that is on your order, I will put three extra baits in your package and go from there. Just my way of saying THANKS!

I will be running specials all the time and having a photo contest for fish caught on AOT lures, with monthly prizes.

Here is the Web site... www.ArmstrongOutfittersTackle.com

Remember to visit my FB page as well.... https://www.facebook.com/ArmstrongO...281&selected_item_id=100000558705779

Thank you for your business and the TFF/THF Community.

Let me know your comments about the site too!

Kirk Armstrong

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Have you THANKED a SOLDIER lately?!
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