We’re going to experience our first notable cool front of the season within the next couple days, which means an increase in trout action atop San Antonio Bay (SAB) shell pads, which are some of the finest mid-bay reefs you’ll find in all of Texas. SAB offers plenty of space to accommodate everyone who might want to get in on the action, even on weekends. If you’re able and willing, you should probably seriously consider getting your wading boots wet in SAB this month, especially if you’re looking for some accelerated fall trout fishing.

Fishing the reefs on a calm, cool day following a frontal passage can be very prosperous. Start your approach with a small top water bait that won’t make a lot of noise. Work the lure across the shallow portions of the reef on both sides of the reef. If the fish aren’t showing any interest at the water’s surface, offer them a slow-sinker instead. Cast a MirrOdine or Corky out into deeper water and wait just a few seconds before beginning the required twitch, twitch, pause retrieve. If that doesn’t work, walk out a little further and start tossing a plastic tail into deep water while slowly hopping it back up the slope of the reef.

Locating the active bite along the reef may mean you’ll first need to locate bait activity. Typically, you’ll find the trout if you find the bait. If you aren’t able to physically see bait working on top of the water, then you may elect to not waste time chunking a surface walker – the baitfish might be holding below the surface or near the bottom. You might want to start your search with your sub-surface baits, instead.

Because this bay has the number of reefs that it does, it’s necessary that you know your way around. Spend your first few SAB outings with someone who’s already familiar with the bay – a close fishing buddy, or maybe even a local fishing guide. By remembering safety as being the major precursor to success in this bay system, as well as others, do yourself a huge favor and go slow in the beginning, and always remember to use your auto-kill switch (which, as of September 1, 2019, is now required by law).



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