Spinners To Conventionals! Braid Or Monofilament! This Works!

Recently i started to re-vamp all my rigs. Because of the high usage i put on my gear i take a few days every year to re-lube the reels to changing or reverse spooling the line. I take this time to re-order hooks to changing the light reflective tape on my rods. I pre-make new leaders & replace any damaged gear.

I was giving away a few rigs i no longer use to good friends (Battalions to Fenwicks) and one of my buddies was shocked that i put a few spinning spools on the side to get re-spooled. Seems most of my friends aren't as "thrifty" as i am. Lol! When you have several spinners with +350yd of 50lb braid in each it does get expensive re-spooling all of them. So i'm going to show how i accomplish this money saving regiment.


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