Solid morning on EM. Got a few, and missed a few early by the boat club ... got two on top water clear Zara puppy, but had a few nice ones jump off the slab at the boat ... i’ll claim dull hooks crazy. Went to mud flats and the first two spots only yielded small fish, but steady action in 10 FOW. Decided to try a hell-pet to cover some water and locate some more fish and got 4 solid ones in a pretty small area. Went back to 1oz silver slab in this area and got a limit of solid keepers in about an hour at a stair-step drop off ... 12-13 FOW had the active fish ... this was 10-11am. Boat traffic really picked up around 11am and the fish scattered. Did a little exploring farther north, then headed in. Fun outing before the front moves in.

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