Every now and then you get a chance to have all the old Veterans together today we had most everyone. Shout out to Ernest Wilson for getting us all on the same day.

We had about 30 customers and truthfully there wasn't much happening but a pretty good catfish bite and a few sandbass but everyone had a Really Large Time.
From left to right it's me ,  Adam, Ernest, Chris, Royce, and Jimmy.

So the fishing report goes like this,  we have a little schooling action early catching a mixed bag of sand bass and hybrids than we go on the hunt Top water baits, or fluttering spoons working the best. We may break off and do a little catfishing just depending upon the customers and the fishing.

Book me now for this Fall fishing it's always a blast and something you don't want to miss out on!

Bob Holmes the original sandbass hybrid guide and lake record holder.
Regards Bob

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