Will Be Using All 3 Sizes Whipping Flies & Dunking Live Baits!

I started this morning combining the 4K & 6K Blue Azores Spinning Reels to all 3 sizes of the MH Nesika Surf Rods (9', 10', 12'). I used local hand-tied flies "Taka Flies" made by Art Takamiya for whipping "Spin Casting". I whipped all morning but no takers. But it was field testing today, not catching. I was impressed by the light weight & rod flexibility of these rigs.

The Nesikas are basically Rockaways with different guides, handle components & configurations. Many that i've spoken with was concerned about the deep pressed guides of the Nesika, even though both models had zirconium inserts. The Rocks had K-Guides, known to limit wind knots when using braid. After whipping all morning directly & purposely into the wind i'm glad to report not one wind knot using 20lb & 30lb braid on a 4K & 6K spinner.

So how about the tensile strength? As stated these rods incorporate the same 24-ton blanks as the Rockaway Surf Rods. The Rocks were originally produced for the Surf Casters off Oregon targeting Sea Perch from the shoreline. I did get 2 strikes from Hammerheads that was kinda boring. Then the Blue Azores 6K started to sing and the 12' Nesika came down. By the time i reached the rig 30sec latter the fish had time to reach my other rig and crossed lines.

Now for a shallow run i couldn't have asked for a better test subject. The largest O'io "Bonefish" i hooked this year. The speed & power of this fish has amazed anglers Worldwide. I used a live rock crab on a Mustad 2/0 Circle Ringed Hook. While fighting this fish i realized that the Nesika could easily handle a lot more then this in weight & pull.

So this lucky strike completed my review of Okuma's Nesika Surf Rods for 2020. For those anglers that fell in love with the Rockaway line, guess what? Yup, more choices!


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