I want to start out with a HUGE THANK YOU to Texas Fishing Forum for the venue that is perfect for new & established companies, Mom & Pop businesses to get their products out to the Fishing public. Absolutely awesome!
We at Elite Power Systems/ LithiumRage.com would like to present our products & information. We established our company in June 2019 to make new technology more affordable to working people like us.
Contact us with your power supply issues & upgrades. Tired of the issues plaguing you & want to end: Graphs shutting off due to low voltage, having to manage battery usage for livewells, poor hole-shot,top end speed, motor won’t start because of low battery?? You can drop that 180#’s up to 248#’s GREMLIN that causes all these issues out of your boat permanently.
We offer/ sell 4 different Brands of batteries. EPS (Elite Power Systems), LBP (Lithium Battery Power) , Lithium Pros, & Battleborn batteries, Stealth Charge Systems.
We will come to your Bass Club meetings in the D/FW metro area & give educational info on what you NEED to know about differences in LithiumBatteries/ Charger Systems on the market & the many benefits of 8-10 Year battery lifespans. We offer a discounted price to Bass Club members for 30 days after the meetings.
We have multiple system designs to fit YOUR needs & wants in YOUR boat. Different styles of fishing call for different systems. The “Run n Gun” person has different needs than one that only hits 4 or 5 spots all day. The “Once or twice a month person needs a different system than the one that fishes 5-7 days per week. 12/24/36V Systems
Call us at 325-998-6077 Curtis OR shop & purchase from our website @ LithiumRage.com. It’s NOT as expensive as you think & WILL save you $$$ over 8-10 year lifespan of batteries.
We appreciate our customers.

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Lithium Battery & Charging Systems
Tight lines & stay safe out there.Gods blessings