We are headed into the Fall season and trying to leave this summer heat behind. 

My hybrid fishing has almost dried up. They seem to be almost impossible to find and when I do find them they often don't want to bite. 

The good old sandbass seem to come out to play with just a little change of the weather, meaning when there's no wind we don't have much action,  but if the wind will blow just a little we have some action. 

Catching the Bluecat seems to be about the only thing we can count  on and truthfully they are kinda skinny the water is just so Hot!

I had 93.4 degree water show up on my temp gauge one day after lunch in the main lake, I can’t imagine what it gets up to back in the shallows.

I'm really booking for the Fall season October, November and into December, please call and get  a good date reserved for some really good fishing.

Bob Holmes the original Hybrid, sandbass guide and still the lake Record Holder!

‪214 728 3310‬