Fishing reports and vacations are kind of hard to work in together for me since I don't take any fishing tackle with me on vacation. 
I will be fishing over the labor day holiday! My plan is to catch shad early and look for the hybrid striper first thing, maybe we will do really well but if we don't and if it looks slow I will look for the schooling sandbass and hybrids along the 309 flats.
Hopefully we have a good school of fish to work for the early morning and when it slows down I will be looking in the usually places for fish holding and easy to catch with the slab rig!
Hopefully with some cooler weather coming in the Fall months, we will get our traditional spring like bite for a few weeks and I’ve come back to work for a few weeks. 
I will be fishing cormorants roost for  some nice Bluecats this November and December. 
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