Cedar Creek, leaves me scratching my head a cussing the ole' girl every time I leave there and I always swear that I will never fish it again. iIt is very near my home but I will drive by it going to some place else. I have fished it numerous times but have never caught more than a hand full of fish on any trip, what am I missing ???? Apparently, everything ! Lol I have tried the usual, docks, rip-rap, what few bush piles that i know of and whatever aquatic vegetation that I can find but I must be doing it all wrong. Either my color selection or my presentation is wrong or maybe both, I just don't know but it continues to rattle around in my head every time I cross over it headed to somewhere else, and what the secret is. Getting to spend days on the water fishing seem to be fewer and fewer as I get older but it would be nice if my days on that lake were more productive. Tight lines,and good fishing to you all.