Well, I finally made my way back to Texas, despite dreading the heat. Ended up going out to a lake yesterday and fishing for bass in water no deeper than 5 feet (most of them were in 3 feet of water, on brush). This is just because the deepest point in that lake is 5 feet. The water temperature when I arrived was 91 degrees, which as y'all know is just incredibly hot.

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Despite all odds, and the 105 degree heat baking my skin, we ended up landing a couple nice ones, but it was definitely a grind. Sometimes that grind is worth it! Hope y'all enjoy the YouTube video, and I hope y'all enjoy the pics!

Disclaimer - That is an amazing shot of that bass. He only weighed 6.02 pounds. I decided not to include the weight because some folks will think it's bigger in the video wink

Thanks, y'all! Until next time.

- Chase

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