Friend of mine took his new kayak out for 1st time so wanted a place where we could get out of the wind.
Kayak fished out of Paddle Point Park tonight.
Tried slab in deeper water drifting over where saw fish on finder.
Tried crankbaits along rip rap and around trees.
Tried rooster tail trailing storm minnow along rip rap and slow trolling
Tried Cut shad a little above the bottom when slow trolling parallel to shore, over fish seen at bottom on finder, and around several trees
Tried top water along the shore at night when coming back in.
Not a single bite for either of us tonight.

Saw several critters eyes light up when my headlamp hit them on way back which was pretty cool.
Thought I was seeing a moth flittter around a tree. Turns out it was the head of a snake.
Good thing he was not interested in piece of cut shad in hog trough next to me when I went by.
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