What a day! Had Jack Keilberg , Charlotte Reyes with Randy Gaston,Shelly Williams and her mother Linda. Once again the ladies put it to the guys! Charlotte was on point and as soon as Shelly figured it out she smoked like 4 Stripers in a row! Linda sat at the back( If you been on my boat you know where she sat) and caught fish after fish! Had our 5 man or lady limit threw a bunch back and called it a day! Thanks guys as this was the trip I donated to the Keith Smith benefit and Im sure Keith was guiding us today from above!!
Wind blown points 18-24 ft live Shad is the ticket right now!
Guys I have Friday and Saturday open and they are the only weekends I have open for a while! Hit me up morning or afternoon! Lets go fishing! The lake is coming back around and the fishing is going to be on fire! Saturday should be fantastic! Calll me and lets make a deal!

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