The NEW Rockaway Surf 6K Spinner Released For July 1st!

No, i'm not jumping on the ICAST releases before it's release dates. This reel was given to me to test by Okuma's Director of Product Development in Jan & was recently informed it'll be released on June 30. So i'm releasing the information of this Surf Spinner on July 1st as it will be at Orlando's iCast show this July.

With the new HCS Plugging Popping 9'6" Rod by Okuma i find this combo to be my new multi-purpose rig. I surf cast baits to spin casting lures & jig deep channels. Today i used the Orca Top Water Ghost Lure w/100lb Fluorocarbon leader. Mainline used is 50lb Jerry Brown braid. Personally i like 1.6oz top water lures. No risk of snagging the bottom, even in 1ft of water. Also no sore shoulder/arms after a day of plugging. The other 2 Hawaiian Custom Rods were released for sale on June 15th by Okuma. They're both 8'3" & are MH & H. The Heavy is rated 90-200g w/line weight 50-100lb. They're shorter lengths are meant for heavy plugging w/a 30/70 split unlike the Medium 9'6" i'm using with a 50/50 split.

The Rockaway has Cyclonic Flow Rotors to help keep water at bay. Also brushes to aid in that like the monster Surf 8K's. Has a rigid metal handle with a EVA knob. High line capacity, good max drag to the line layering system all under $90!

Today's Gear Used-
Okuma HCS 9'6" Plugging Popping Rod- HSP-S-962Ma
Okuma Rockaway Surf 8K Reel- RA-6000
AO Insulated Backpack
Loki Extended Aluminum Telescopic Net

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