Flooded lake, Northers, Thunderstorms, this June have made the fishing way harder than it should be, and why don't we throw in a full moon phase just to make catching fish even more difficult!

One thing about fishing, every single day is different from start to finish! The advantage I have and the other guides have is we are dealing with it everyday.

I'm catching the hybrids on live bait, for a bonus with the bait we pick up a few of the larger sandbass and a few bluecat for the frying pan.

I haven't had much luck on the sandbass with slabs but I do find a few sometimes.

We haven't seen the big schools of schooling fish like we normally do this time of the year but I bet they show up pretty soon. I hope so because people love to catch them.

Catching the big hybrids sure is fun and as long as we're catching fish people are really happy.

I have a few days left to book and I like to keep my buddy Chris Watson booked so give me a call.

Bob Holmes the original sandbass hybrid guide on Richland Chambers lake and still the lake record holder!

‪214 728 3310‬