It seems the recent Skeeter Owners Tournament not only moved a large population of the available bass but also scattered the rest. Bank fishing was very tough today. 20' deep not so much for the winner.

Right now we are looking for co-anglers to join. You don't need a boat, just a need to catch some bass and to be taught the how, why, where and with what.

The Lake Fork Anglers Twice monthly daytime results for June 13 This was tournament 11 of 22.

The bass were caught on drop shot finesse worms, flukes, BBH's, crank baits and wacky style stick worms.. Lake Fork anglers format is a draw style paper tournament where slot fish count. All fish are measured, recorded and released on the spot year round.

Each boat has a boater and a co-angler.

Only the best five count.

Boater Results .
1st place goes to Bob Roberts of Longview with 8 bass for 19.83 LB with 5.94 LB lunker caught on a c-rigged fluke.
2nd place goes to Tom Charlebois of Winona with 2 bass for 7.54 LB with THE boater lunker of 6.17 LB.
3rd place went to Richard Morris of Houston with 3 bass for 7.46 LB. with a 3.16 LB lunker..
4th place went to .Curt Blount of Lake Fork with 7 bass for 6.56 LB with of 2.36 LB lunker.
5th place went to Robert Gaylor of Running Creek with 2 bass for 6.50 LB with a 4.31 LB lunker.

Co-Angler Results
1st place goes to Dan Steele of Lake Fork with 2 bass for 6.62 LB with the lunker of 4.13 LB caught on a Whopper Plooper in 1' of water.
2nd place goes to Wes Brown of North Shores with 1 bass for 5.71 LB which was the Co-Angler lunker for the day..
3rd place went to Alf Tuggle of Trophy Club with 2 bass for 3.78 LB with a 3.02 LB Lunker.
4th place went to Jackie Price of Alba with 2 bass for 3.35 LB with a 1.72LB lunker..
5th Place went to Wallace Dyer of Yantis with 4 bass for 3.34 LB with a 1.29 LB lunker..

5 members were skunked on a real suckie day of fishing..

The LFA fishes every Thursday during the month on two different formats. The as described LFA twice monthly format where there are declared cash winners fishing for "Angler of the Year" points and plaques.

On the 1st and 3rd Thursdays members fish what we call "Hard Core" which follows the Major League Fishing TV show format where every fish you catch counts. Like MLF members we try to qualify for the semi-final that will be held in Nov by catching at least 6 LB in any of the qualifying tournaments' Also In Nov members those that have quailified are paired and the top 50% by weight will advance to the championship round when announced.
Winning members are rewarded with "Bass Fishing Innovations" plaques and a cash benefit.

Not all of our 50+ members fish every week or even both formats on a regular basis. We are seniors and fish when we have the time. But we do have a core group of about 30 that fish on a regular basis. And because we are mostly seniors we are adamant in making sure there is always two anglers in a boat. Both for safety and for sharing ,learning and making an enjoyable day of it.
Annual dues is $5 and tournaments are $15 with $12 paid back. There is an optional $5 lunker pool and an optional $10 big bag pool.
E-mail me at for info. Or call at 903-440-2797. We only fish at Lake Fork because the chance for that fish of a lifetime is always there.

Lake Fork Anglers
Every Thursday
Daytime Tournaments.

Lake Fork Sportsman's Association

We are VERY PROUD of our Induction into the
Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.