Awesome bay fishing, even more Awesome people

Captains Sally and Aubrey Black welcomed me into their home/lodge with open arms and treated me like family, as did the rest of their staff. It was the kind of experience that leaves you searching for words to describe the warm generosity and genuine kindness that you received, an experience that shows us what being human is all about. I loved the fishing, sure, but I enjoyed the people much, much more.

The only thing that surpasses Sally's music playlist is her knowledge of fishing. She's open, honest and engaging; like talking to a good friend you haven't seen in 10 years. Aubrey is a bit more reserved, but get him talking about fishing or sports and you'll be sorry you didn't take notes, cause he knows his stuff; and his way around a grill. Everyone employed at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun treats each other like family, and it shows in the way they treat their guests. These folks, every one of them, truly enjoy what they do and you can feel it.

About the fishing... Captain Sutton Schoonover had every last detail squared away and we were on the water headed to our destination at 6 AM sharp. After a 20 minute ride of watching the most beautiful sunrise coming up over the bay, we had arrived. Sutton was patient in answering all my questions, showed me exactly how to use the equipment, gave me some tips on redfish jigging, loaded me up with different color bait options and we were at it. Sutton had put us right on a seemingly endless stream of mullet, which meant an endless stream of redfish and speckled trout.

As we waded and followed the mullet, somehow Capt. Sutton was able to follow us with the boat, take great photos, cheer us on when we landed a fish and help us with our catch at the same time. The man is a real professional and takes no shortcuts at making sure you have the most memorable bay fishing experience of your life. Five hours had passed that seemed significantly shorter; the longest spell without a bite might have been 10 minutes. We were four fishing and all had a limit of reds and several speckled trout, including a personal best trout myself; along with great photos and memories to last long after the fish we caught have been eaten.

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