Hello TFF bass fisherman, Lake Fork is fishing well right now with the right baits despite the heavy rains. During this postspawn period I recommend fishing walking topwater lures like Lucky Craft Sammys or smaller sized Popping Style Topwaters on the south 1/2 of the lake early in the morning or all day on cloudy days. I also recommend a hollow belly swimbait or double willow leaf spinnerbait in the same areas. Focus on timbered areas and look for shad jumping out of shallow water early in the morning to take advantage of the shad spawn. On sunny days I recommend searching in 20-30' of water on main lake points, humps, roadbeds, and creek bends using heavy 1oz spinnerbaits, deep diving crankbaits, top hook swimbaits, 3/4 oz football jigs and carolina rigs dragged slowly across the lake bottom. Look for areas on your electronics that show baitfish and you are sure to be around some deep feeding largemouth. On sunny and windy days when the deep bite is at its best I recommend re visiting productive submerged structures throughout the day as timing can be very important. In the below video you will learn how to safely use Lake Fork Guide Lanes, make sure to stay safe on the lake and good luck fishing!


SM Fatherree