Light Application For Fresh & Saltwater Bait Casting!

To attract large predators having live bait is important since predators can be picky (like our dogs). When that piece of squid, fish or shrimp won't work having a lively thrashing fish may entice a strike. But sometimes a decent sized addition to the dinner table may also hit your rig for catching bait. So having a set-up to catch bait but also capable of producing decent sized fish is important.

I just put this rig together. Using a 1-pc rod will always be preferable to using a 2-pc rod of the same length. So i used a Okuma Epixor EPi-S-701ML at 7'0" for 6-10lb test line & having a lure weight of 1/4-1/2oz. Of all the 1-pc Epixor rods this has the lightest applications, but being a 1-pc rod means it does have backbone as well.

The spinning reel is also a Epixor. I'm going to try the XT30 with 8lb Sensation monofilament line first. If i find the reel to "beefy" i'll downsize to a Epixor XT 20 with 6lb Sensation line. I currently have this reel on a 2-pc SST spinning rod. Finding balance in your equipment is important. Also the line is important. I chose Berkley Trilene Sensation clear monofilament line. Small diameter to actual breaking test. Most important is it's a low memory line (meaning it won't "curl" when used, rather then holding it's shape of being wrapped around a spool, the line will straighten out on the cast).

Choosing the right rod, reel & line for the best combination is very important for a "balanced" casting rig.

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