Notice regarding the 5 Alive Bass Club's next tournament at Lake Welsh February 9, 2019.

Due to the crowded activities at the ramp this year, we are changing check-in procedure and fishing times.

Check-in starts a 4:45am. I will launch my boat at that time and beach next to the ramp to speed up paying and lessen the traffic jam in the parking lot. Look for the White/Lime Green Xpress X-21. Officers will be there to check live-wells and give any new members info as to where i am. After paying and livewell check, you may go to your spot and wait until first cast.

First cast 5:45am
Last cast 2:30pm.
I will set up weigh-in as soon as i can.
Weigh-in line closed at 3:30pm to allow extra time to get off the water or room to beach.

Please message me if you have questions.

Chris Wilkins

Chris Wilkins