David Goodson, www.shut-up-and-fish.com is the one stop shop for all your marine electronics and boating accessories. I'm in sales and customer service is of utmost importance, as we all know. David creates the most positive experience with "service after the sale". His knowledge and expertise of installation is second to none. I bought several units from him over the years, but the most recent HB unit I bought from him had troubles right outta the box.....He has done everything possible to diagnose the issue, loaning me demos, determining the exact problem, calling HB, and going through the process of sending it back for repair/replacement, whichever HB decides, all in a timely manner. Yes, he stays very busy...but he's also always willing to work you in and get things handled. If you're in need of anything boat related, call around and then call David (972-822-9285). You'll be glad you did! And no, this is not a paid advertisement. This is a true testimonial from personal experiences that I've had over the last 8 years doing business with him. Good luck & Good Fishin'!

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