Just a little update for the winter fishing fishermen, and fisherwomen.

If I had to catch a sandbass or hybrid on the lake it would probably take more time and patience than anyone has. It's always really tough on our lake in the winter once the bite drops off.

Personally my boat has been on its trailer for at least a month now while I recover from what I call a surprise knee surgery. One day I'm getting ready to go fishing and the very next day I'm in the hospital!
I'm much better now and can't wait to get back on this beautiful lake!

I'll try dead sticking for these deep suspended sandbass and just see how it goes when I start back fishing.

A more meat productive trip would be fishing for the Bluecat on baited spots than drifting some spots for the bigger catfish.

If you want to go fishing this winter give me a call, it's always a beautiful sunrise on a beautiful lake and most always we catch a few fish for a fish fry.

Bob Holmes longest running fishing guide on the lake and still the lake record holder!
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