Personally, I think the hooks are entirely took close together.

As I've mentioned in past posts, a lot of catfishermen seem to focus too much on the rig or baits they're using and instead should be more focused on actually finding the fish. Dwelling on bait is kind of pointless when there are no fish around; doesn't matter which bait is used when there aren't any fish to be caught. Seems to me that having a second liver sac a foot away from the other isn't going to help that much, though I could be wrong.

With that being said, I DO see a benefit in increasing the number of baits you have in the water. But I personally would rather set out more poles and space them apart to cover a larger area. If you do wanna use 2 hooks on one pole, I would space them out 2-3ft minimum; and maybe try 2 different baits until you figure out what they're liking that day.