For the 2018-2019 40 THSBA open season events, the THSBA will be pledging more than $140,000 in scholarships, NOT COUNTING THE 4 REGIONAL EVENTS AND THE THSBA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!! Last season the THSBA pledged $250,000 in scholarships and $163,000 in prizes, trophies and plaques.

At all 40 open events, scholarships will be as follows:

1st place - $2,000
2nd place - $1,000
3rd place - $500
4th place - Boat Captain Side Pot

$3,500 X 40 events = $140,000 PLUS the boat captain side pot

If the Boat Captain Side Pot is larger than any of the first 3 scholarships, the Captain Side Pot will take its place and the others will move down.

This is on top of the Lew’s rods and reels, Academy gift cards, trophies, plaques and Strike King products handed out at each event.

For more information on joining the THSBA, check us out at, on Facebook and on Instagram.

President, Texas High School Bass Association (THSBA)