Took my new graphs for David at Shut Up and Fish to install. He went above and beyond today.

I will have to post pics later. He got me all wired up and was teaching me a few things about the units....settings, menus, etc. Great learning!!!

We after the demo, we turned the Helix Mega 12 off and then we wanted to restart it to show something new. Well.....the unit would not restart. David tried to troubleshoot and he decided it was the head unit. Something is causing the unit to overheat and then prevents it from booting properly. After it boots fine.

Keep in mind, I bought them elsewhere but David still wanted to take care of things. He got on the phone with a RA and they sent him a label for shipping.

It is already on the way with I will wait to see how HB’s customer service performs. These are my first ever HB’s and I know things happen. Trying to keep my chin up but I sure feel deflated having an issue in the first 10 minutes of use.

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People wanting to learn, watching idiots that don't know what they are doing doesn't help anyone.