Seaguar Spools up Line and Leader Advantages
New Gold Label and Smackdown colors greeted with enthusiasm at ICAST

Angler input helps Seaguar address real-world challenges in freshwater and saltwater environments, leveraging material and manufacturing advantages to bring innovative leader and line solutions to reels around the globe. At ICAST 2018, Seaguar introduced four new products, each representing a solution to a specific angling challenge.

Create a thinner leader to catch more fish.

Light tackle anglers enhance the action and strike-provoking appeal of their presentations by downsizing their lines and leaders. Their desire to use the thinnest-possible leader, but one that retains all of fluorocarbon’s distinct advantages, led to the development of Seaguar Gold Label 100% fluorocarbon leader. In fact, Gold Label is as much as 18% thinner than any other fluorocarbon leader material made by Seaguar. Baits rigged on Seaguar Gold Label swim more naturally, trigger more bites and put more fish in the box. Yet, this double-structure leader, produced using the Seaguar-exclusive co-extrusion process, retains the same legendary knot and tensile strength that characterizes Seaguar leaders. Gold Label is truly the best of both worlds.

Gerry Benedicto, Seaguar General Manager, notes that, “Gold Label was met with tremendous enthusiasm at ICAST. We already knew from extensive field trials with notable saltwater captains like Mark Davis of BigWater Adventures and Blair Wiggins of Addictive Fishing that Gold Label was producing higher catch rates. The reason is simple: not only are thinner leaders even less visible underwater, but anglers also get the advantage of more natural presentations and better catch-rates on finicky fish.”

Create an easy-to-see braided line for finesse fishing.

Specialists in finesse techniques are typically avid line watchers. They are fixated on their main line as it lays upon or enters the water, watching for twitches, changes of direction, sudden movements, or anything “different” that seems out of place, to telegraph a bite. The master linesmiths at Seaguar recognize the importance of main line visibility for detecting bites and catching fish, which guided their development of a new high-visibility braided line: Seaguar Smackdown – Flash Green.

Smackdown is Seaguar’s premium braided line, made with 8 ultra-thin strands woven into a perfectly round profile for quiet, exceptionally long, laser-precise casts. Smackdown’s tight weave makes it one of the thinnest-diameter braids available - so thin that 20 lb test has the diameter of 6 lb monofilament – which dramatically enhances its sensitivity. And now, all of Smackdown’s advantages will be paired with a high visibility color, Flash Green, which is easy for anglers to see under a wide range of ambient light conditions.

“When I fish finesse presentations on the FLW Tour,” noted 2018 FLW Angler of the Year and Seaguar pro angler Mark Rose, “I use 15 lb test Smackdown as my main line and 8 lb TATSU as the leader. On tour stops where we chase giant smallmouth in super clear lakes or big spotted bass down south, bites often happen as my lure is falling toward the bottom – and the best way to detect those bites is to watch your line like a hawk. The new Hi-Vis Flash Green Smackdown is going to be a big difference-maker for me. You’d better believe that Seaguar Smackdown – Flash Green will be on every finesse rig I cast next season!”

Make a stealthy braid for shallow or clear water.

Stealth is critical for anglers, particularly when high water clarity prevails or when chasing shallow fish. Maintaining low visibility while blending into the fish’s natural environment enhances catch rates and drives success. As the inventors of fluorocarbon fishing line, Seaguar has long appreciated the importance of stealth beneath the surface with nearly invisible lines and leaders. And now, Seaguar is poised to extend those lessons to the world above the waves with a new low-visibility braded line: Seaguar Smackdown - Stealth Gray

Reigning Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year and Seaguar pro angler Brandon Palaniuk is a big believer in using a stealthy approach to catching fish. “Big bass can be shallow almost anytime. Those shallow fish can be spooky, and often react negatively if they spot my line. I rely on Seaguar Smackdown to help me make the long, precise casts I need to chase fish in shallow water. With new Smackdown low-vis Stealth Gray, I can fish up shallow with more confidence, knowing that my line won’t spook the big gals in that skinny water.”

Make spooling up with Seaguar more convenient (and affordable!)

Seaguar InvizX is a true testament to more than 45 years ago of innovations in chemistry and engineering to advance the art and science of fluorocarbon fishing lines. InvizX is a best-selling, highly castable mainline delivering all of fluorocarbon’s well-established benefits in a soft, supple line that is easy to manage. And now, Seaguar has introduced a new 600-yard spool of Seaguar InvizX fluorocarbon, offering a more convenient and money-saving way for anglers to get their “fluoro fix”.

The new 600-yard spool offers everything that anglers have come to expect from Seaguar InvizX in a more convenient size. Indeed, the small, compact spool is easy to store in the boat or tackle box, keeping it at your fingertips when and where you need it. Anglers spooling many reels at once will appreciate that this new InvizX spool size offers a cost savings as well, compared to purchasing three 200-yard filler spools.

Look for each of these four new Seaguar products at retailers in late fall 2018. Fill a reel with a main line like Smackdown or InvizX, or tie in a Gold Label leader, and you’ll quickly appreciate that each of these Seaguar products is Always the Best!

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