Making "Trapper Hook" Leaders!

On a recent town trip to replenish my hook supply i was introduced to an unusual shaped hook. Trapper Tackle Hooks. The unusual shape promotes better hook-ups with less chance of the fish throwing the hook. Also they advertise how the unique shape of the hook holds grubs & baits more securely then the traditional style.

So tonight i started making some pre-made leaders. But the surf is still up and the recent huge storm created massive water runoffs into the shorelines that'll create "brown water" conditions so i decided not to go out. Also the moon is blazingly full as well.

So it looks like conditions aren't favorable for the next 3-5 nights. It's 2am so i decided to make a short video on how i prep for a night rock hopping of whipping the shorelines & making pre-set leaders. I travel fully stocked but light. I can take more gear with me but the only item in my open hands is my rod-n-reel. Everything else is in my insulated AO backpack.

The leaders as well as my gear can be used for daytime (minus the UV light). But now i've progressed far enough where i have independent full rod-n-reel rigs & gear ready for-
1)Night whipping.
2)Travel whipping.
3)Light dunking.
4)Heavy Dunking
5)And now sliding.

Every set has it's own utility wagons, backpacks, rod-n-reels, etc. No interchanging of reels, leaders or gear of any type. Took awhile to accomplish this, wasn't easy. Not the smartest financial decision but it was my wish to do this.

I do plan on using these Trapper Hooks to value their uniqueness in the future. For now i wanted to share how i prepare for my trips ahead of time. I personally love using CHL "Completely Hooked Lures" by Landon Yamamoto of Honolulu, Hawaii. The material used has stood-up to vicious strikes & has produced many fun battles. He was the first to use extended uv glow in his soft grubs & i highly recommend using his products as they work.

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