Fished around laydowns and deep brushpIles in 20 foot of water. Caught nine keepers biggest was 13 1/2" long. Had several more that were 12" long. Didn't catch many small fish. All fish were caught vertical jigging or jig and cork.

Fished some of the same areas as 7/4 with less results as 7/4. Spent a lot of time trolling and looking for deeper brushpiles. I ended up finding one that has some good fish on it. Caught a 14 3/4", two 13 1/2", and several 12 inches off it. I ended up with 14 keepers. Caught them all the same as I did on 7/4.

Went back to the same brushpile as 7/7. Caught them vertical jigging and with minnows. Brought 11 keepers hope with the largest being 13 inches.

Got on the water around 3pm fished till dark didn't catch but two and they were both short. The water muddied up really bad. I had several get me hung and had to break them off. There was a lot of bass schooling and tons of shad around an inch long all over the place. Thing if I get a chance to go try some night fishing one day this weekend.

06 Bass Cat Sabre Mercury XR6
PB bass 8.0 Spro Frog (Dam B)