Had a great afternoon on Lake Somerville. Took boat out for first time after a long hiatus. Caught 12 nice catfish in 3 ft water using CJ's. Some nice ones but mostly the smaller summertime catfish. Was fishing for cats and a school of small whites/hybrids came up all around us. By the time I got switched over to something I could cast they were done. I caught one. That's white base for you! I circled around for a while trolling and was able to see them on my sidescan and downscan. First time I ever definitively id'd fish using the sonar. Pretty thrilling. Didn't look like anything I'd seen before. Was unable to catch them sitting down there on the bottom but one step at a time I guess :-) Dodged thunderstorms skirting the lake, was cool and breezy. Great day on the water. Ollie