I sell a lot of swing heads, Shaky Head ETC... on the TFF (Thank you all and to TFF)
This being said I want to get some input on pricing. I get guys who don't question my prices or they try to bargain prices. Which I understand we all spend a lot of chasing these fish around and anything saved is a good thing.
To add to it, the little guy like me that makes tackle in his garage VS the big companies. Id rather buy from guys like me if they make a product I like or they custom make a color I like or style the big companies don't make in a bait I like.

So here the deal I get asked or bargain with these prices. I get people saying they want to order some swing head jig heads. they see my prices and they reply back with $1 per bait it to high prices. They want to be around .70 cent to .80 per bait.

How much do you guys think swing heads or the wobble head bait or worth per bait? or how much you willing to pay. keep in mind this bait is good quality. Good hook and the powder coat holds up.

Swing head prices

prices: this is $1 per bait not counting $5 shipping
10 baits - $10
20 baits - $20
30 baits - $30
40 baits - $40
50 baits - $50


prices: plus $5 shipping
12 baits - $10
24 baits - $20
36 baits - $30
48 baits - $40
60 baits - $50

does either one of these seem high ?

Shaky head with good quality 5/0 VMC hook with screw lock

prices: PLUS $5 shipping
13 baits - $10
26 baits - $20
39 baits - $30
52 baits - $40
64 baits - $50

does this seem high?

last thing

Say a guy want 200 Swing heads, at some bulk my prices have to change. or I would loose money.
For every 10 bought I jump up 2 free or 3 free depending on the bait.

swing head for buying 50 baits you get 10 free for 60 total for $50
so 100 baits you get get 20 free. so a guy order 200 that 240 baits. that's roughly $40 lost. on the 40 free baits

So afterso after 50 bait order I starte doing prices different.
so 100 baits $100 shipped
200 baits $200 shipped and I cover shipping.
that would work that way on 100 plus bait orders

So this all being said Hope I didn't confuse anyone. On bulk order of 100 or more bait does that seem high?
$100 for 100 or $200 for 200 and I cover shipping?
95% of guy jump right on the deal ther other 5% try and bargain with me. I always try and stay firm on prices. but still try and make a deal and met in the middle. I feel my prices are cheap enough they are still saving money. they aren't spending that $5-$8 per two swing heads.

Whats your guys take on pricing? My buddies tell that there will always be guys trying jew you down on prices regaurdless if your cheap anyways.

Id rather buy from a guy like me than and spend a dollar per or .80 cent per compared to the big box stores.
just like to hear what you all think on prices and then the bulk orders like 100 or 200 For $100or $200 with free shipping.

Sorry for the rambling ! I'm not the best writer either. lol