Summertime on RC translates to Friends, Family and Lots of Kiddos fishing with us for White Bass!!! The Top Water action this past week was very good on a couple of days and really challenging on the others due to the SOUTH WIND that seemed to build each morning to around 15-20 MPH. We've been starting on the South Shoreline near Fisherman's Point Marina but moving to the 309 Flats pretty early in the AM. Really big schools of Top Water Schooling fish are moving thru the area and can be caught on just about anything bright and shiny....In-Line Spinners, Rat-L-Traps, Tiny Torpedoes, etc. When they go down, we get out the RSR Slabs and work them over on the Drop Offs in the same area. Lots of small Hybrids are mixed in with the White Bass and you get an occasional Keeper Hybrid to have some fun with. Adam and I have July openings and can fix you up with a Fishing Trip, Cabin or just a good report if you need one. Check us out at and have a Great 4th of July Holiday! Here's some Pics to get the adrenalin flowing!

Royce & Adam Simmons
Gone Fishin' Guide Service