I started having issues with my PP C Monstet pumps a little while back. Shortly after the starboard pole blew a hydraulic line. Without any hassle they shipped me new lines, fittings, and hydraulic fluid free of charge. Got the hydraulic lines replaced but they were still messing up a lot like they were before the line broke (loud noises, air in lines, not going up, not going down etc).

Last night i used my phones blue tooth to connect to the pumps and did the diagnostics test on the app. After the test the app walked me through sending the results to PP. Today I got a call from Alex in PP’s customer service. He said they reviewed my diagnostic results and said I needed to ship both pumps in to be fixed or replaced. Said turn around was 1 day before shipped back to me.

To all those thinking whether they want PP or Talon should definitely factor in the amazing customer service from PP. My blades are nearly 4 years old and no questions asked.