Just lately we have had a few day's threatening rain and seems like on those days the schooling action for topwater sandbass has been what you expect to see in the summer but on other days most of the schooling fish is undersized hybrids fun to catch but you hate to damage them.

I expect to see more consistent schooling action of the sandbass in the next few days just because it's that time of the year.

On my last few trips I've been using live shad to catch the bigger hybrid striper !
My sandies had just gotten so hard to find I seemed to be just grinding all morning!

The live bait fishing is just a blast everyone seems to enjoy doing it and it's so productive!

So I go catch a few of the schooling fish first off and than go after the big Hybrids!

I have just a few remaining day left to book for the summer.

To get one of these dates call Bob Holmes longest running fishing guide on the lake and still the lake record holder!

214 728 3310

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