Howdy folks! Names Johnny.

Been wanting to become more proficient in my fishing knowledge and a buddy pointed me here.

Been gone for a bit and well I got the bug. Been fishing like crazy for the past couple months, learning a bit here and there, watching LFG and other fisherman on youtube ect. Well I'd like to get some learning under my belt. I would say my knowledge base is a little bit better than beginner. (proficient with a bait caster, learned some casting techniques ect) Looking for someone that would be willing to go out on the lake or even bank fishing and teach me a thing or two on where to find and catch them bass (crappie and cats too!). I am right next to Ray Hubbard, a half hour from Tawakoni, and close to Lavon as well. I work odd hours being a paramedic but basically Sunday through Tuesday nights so I'm pretty flexible.

Thanks again for anyone that wants to wet a line!

Your Friendly Neighborhood BambulanceMan