Finally got back on the water yesterday, storms and rain first part of the morning. I needed some Crappie for our fish fry in June, I went to a main lake brush pile in 14 FOW. First cast , nice Crappie , on 1/6 jigs. I had to get off the main lake because of the wind. After about 45 minutes the wind had died down enough to go back to the brush pile . I had 18 nice Crappie in the box. Time to check out the sand bass, Long RIdge, K, on Dennis Christian map. Started in 20 FOW , a few fish were showing on the locator. Of course my go to bait is Mepps #4, casting out the Mepps produced some fish. Also straight under the boat also seem to work just as well. As I moved out to 23FOW, the better fish started showing up. This was the same result in 24,25, FOW. Keeping the Mepps close to the bottom seemed to work best. As I drifted out to 26, 27 FOW, I noticed a lot of suspended fish , I normally don't fish for suspended fish, but yesterday I did. I would let the Mepps go to the bottom and slow roll the bait back to the boat through the suspended fish. These fish were suspended in 20, 22 FOW . Another good day on CC and a limit of sand bass. Take a kid fishing !!!!!! LOL