Winter of 2016 I restored a 1987 Champion 176 with a Johnson 110.

New Impeller, carbs serviced, and replace cracked VRO with regular fuel pump.

Boat has run like a champ (pun intended) ever since June 2017 when I put it on the water first time.

Took it out last part of April, all worked fine. Next trip, motor starts and idles fine but will not go over 3000 rpm.

Checked spark on all plugs, someone suggested I might have a bad power pack. Spark good, went ahead and replaced plugs, motor starts and idles fine, took it out for a lake test again and will not go over 3000 rpm under load.

I picked up a compression test kit and will check that as well to give myself some peace of mind that perhaps it is carb or other adjustment required and not something more serious.

I live in Arlington, Texas (DFW area).

I used Integrity Motors based on Arlington for the original service, they came highly recommended but spoke to Chris and they are no longer servicing motors, just buy/refurb/sell.

He suggest All Season at Joe Pool and someone else in Haltom City which I don't have immediate recall for.

I was hoping for input from others as to whom they would suggest I take it to. All Season Marine has only marginal online review, always hard to decide based on this alone.

Looking for suggestions from others for where to take it for service that is trustworthy and might get me back on the water before Halloween.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.