A Great Spin Casting Reel For Anglers On A Budget!

This review took a year to complete. Last year in 2016 i purchased 2 Shimano Nasci spinning reels, the 2500 & 3000 for under $100ea. I spooled 300yd of 5lb Power Pro braid on each (roughly the diameter of 1lb monofilament line). During the past year both units we're paired with Okuma's #792L T-40X Steelhead Spins at 7'9"ea. Light rated for 6-12lb mono using 1/4-1/2oz weight.

For the past year i used both sets day & night spin casting "whipping" off sand, jetties, rocks, reef benches & cliffs using soft grubs for smaller game. I easily accumulated +100lbs of fish on both sets with +100hrs also on each set. I mostly hooked Barracudas, Scads, Wrasses, Reds & Trevallys. Even during the day a variety of reef species we're being caught since the diameter of the braid was thin & hard to see. At night it didn't matter. With these rigs the largest fish i brought in was a 8lb Blue Fin Trevally. My main goal was targeting Scads at night between 8-12in.

After i fish i clean my rigs on-sight using a water filled spray bottle. When i get home i lightly re-rinse the rigs in the shower using warm water spray (warm water permeates better then cold). Also the steam helps. I never subject my rigs to direct strong water pressure as that'll drive the salt into seams & crevices. For 1 year both reels haven't shown any signs of wear or decreased smoothness. Both reels have a "out-of-the-box" look yet. The rods also have no signs of corrosion on the guides.

For being under a $100ea these reels out-performed my Sedonas also by Shimano. If they do get stiffer to turn then a good cleaning is in order. A few months ago my 3K felt "sticky" but i re-greased it (no WD-40) and it's been fine ever since. I prefer the 3K over the 2500, same size bodies but the 3K spool is larger. I haven't tried the 1K or the 5K. I've heard good & bad reviews. A lot depends if you devote time to cleaning your equipment. If you do get a "questionable" unit bring it back to the vendor you bought it from, or call Shimano direct at 1-877-577-0600. Thanks! Chris:)


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