Hi all,

Waiting for Raymarine to accept my membership to their support forums, in the mean time, I figured I would ask the smart TFFers out there if they know how to solve my problem.

I have a hummingbird 999SI at the console and a Raymarine dragonfly7 at the bow. My reason for choosing the dragonfly was because it could hook up to my ipad. This should give me the ability to use the charts off the dragonfly, while using the 999 to have full screen sonar while tooling around looking for fish.

When I try to use the Raymarine Wifish app, it will never load the charts. I have seen on other forums that the Wifish app is not capable of loading the charts, and to use the Navionics (I have a navionics= card installed) boating app instead. When I use the boating app, it shows the raymarine connected, but, always shows "sonar off", even when it is clearly on. In some applications, I may want to bring up the raymarine sonar picture on the ipad alongside the charts, but, I cant for the life of me figure out how to get everything to sync up.

I have seen screenshots of both the sonar and the charts working together on the app, but, I cant make it work.

What am I doing wrong?