Taking A Visiting CA Angler Mark Gates Out Fishing Today!

Today it was a light tackle day spin casting (known as whipping in Hawaii) off Oahu's Southern coastline. Mark Gates is a visiting angler from California who wants to learn how to "whip" for nearshore Hawaiian reef fish.

Mark was impressed with the orange colored Completely Hooked Lures soft grub called "Oh Baby". I love it because at night it puts out a strong glow. During the day it attracts many reef species, mostly Bluefin Trevally.

It seems Mark doesn't need any advise because he knows how to cast. It was a pleasure fishing with him. I still need to go see Mom though. Hardly anyone was at the beaches today. I'm sure the malls & every restaurant was packed. I enjoy catching fish, even the smaller ones. Good C&R practice for bagging some big boys.


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