Fished for 3 hours today. I caught 5 fish. I spent most of my time fishing boat docks along the outside bend of the creek channel, at each point where the river turned. Initially, I flipped and skipped a compact jig back under the platforms into the darker areas. About an hour in, I switched to a light weight texas rigged senko. That seemed to do a fair job. Finally, I tied on my drop shot to round out my trip. Water clarity was good, light chop on the water, and fishing was steady. Partial cloud cover on the day. I wouldn't say there was a definite pattern as to which part of the docks they were relating to, I felt that the fish were more spread out. If I absolutely had to isolate some sort of pattern, I would start by concentrating more on the corners, rather than far interior to the dock platform. Also, I liked the docks with platforms lower to the water surface.

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