Richland Chambers Lake
Thursday May 10th.
Jim Johnson, Dr Andrew, and Dr Bill
have fished with me for 20 years and today it showed.
On the first school of fish the trolling motor decided to take the day off. 
So I ran back to the bank and swapped out trolling motors went back out hammered the sandbass  and catfish .
Amazing through the early morning crises my good friends were never anxious!
Thanks guys see you again really soon!
The bright, hot days of summer will be here soon but right now we’re enjoying cool refreshing morning. We will get on the lake early morning and back by noon so you can enjoy lunch at Oak Cove Cafe while I fillet your catch. Why not give me a call at 214-728-3310 and let's get a fish fry started. You can visit my web site at trip information and more pictures.

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