'87 Mercury 35hp on a pontoon boat. I'm re-wiring the console that a previous owner replaced. They didn't install a kill switch so I'd like to add one back into the system. My googling skills have led me to believe I can wire a universal kill switch inline to the black wire with yellow tracer. Can anyone confirm?


FYI, this is what I've found for the ignition wiring harness.

Red or Red w/ Purple Tracer = Battery Positive
Black = Battery Ground
Yellow w/ Red Tracer = Start Circuit
Yellow w/ Black Tracer = Choke / Primer Circuit
Black w/ Yellow Tracer = Kill Circuit
Purple = Ignition Circuit (power with ignition switch on)
Grey = Tachometer Circuit
Tan or Tan w/ Any Color Tracer = Warning System Circuit
Brown w/ White Stripe = Trim Sending Unit Circuit
Blue w/ White Stripe = Trim Up from Trim Switch
Green w/ White Stripe = Trim Down from Trim Switch